• The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) application portal is now open for march 2023 intake
  • The application is now fully online and you shall not be required to upload any documents
  • Applicants are advised to apply as guided below before the deadline

How to Create a new Account on the KMTC Application Portal

  1. Go to the KMTC application portal using the URL https://kmtc.ac.ke/
  2. Select the Admission portal option
  3. If you’re a new student, you should tap on the ‘Register’ button to begin creating an account immediately. On the other hand, ongoing students will definitely be for the login option.
  4. Hereby, you’ll be required to accurately fill in the requisites data on the registration page and enter your login email address and password at the conclusion.
  5. A verification link will be redirected to the Email address you used for registration. Click on the link and it will certainly take you back to the portal.
  6. A new page will pop up with spaces where you’ll be required to enter some personal details before tapping the Register button.
  7. A confirmation form will be availed to you with the aim of letting you check and confirm your KMTC account registration.

How to Apply for Admission on KMTC Application portal

steps on how to apply for admission on the kmtc application portal online.

Now that you’ve comprehended the KMTC Student Portal Login guide, we’re going to look-see how one can apply for admission to KMTC. Here are the steps on how to apply for admission on the kmtc application portal online.

  • As soon as you log in to your KMTC account created earlier on, go to the Applications option.
  • Open Course Selection 1 whereby you’ll be required to make a specification in terms of course level i.e. Higher Diploma, Diploma, or Certificate.
  • You can now select your course from the list of courses provided on the page and fill in the relative course form
  • Upon completion, you can now submit the registration.
  • Follow the steps in the option 1 course to make a similar application in the ‘Option 2’ course.

How to pay KMTC application Fee

  1. The KMTC 2022 application fee should be paid through Mpesa to the pay bill 964150. You should use your Identification number or Birth Certificate no. as your Account Number for this transaction. Here’s the payment process:
  2. Open Mpesa and select the Lipa na Mpesa option
  3. Select ‘Paybill’
  4. Use 964150 which is the kmtc application fee pay bill number
  5. Use your ID number as the Account Number
  6. Upon receiving the payment confirmation message, confirm the transaction and wait for your Portal to update.
  7. A confirmation text will be sent to the number you used to make your KMTC registration.

If you’re a beginning or new KMTC student, we believe you now understand how you can create a KMTC account. Using the KMTC Student portal login guide in the above text, you can now easily create a KMTC account, make a registration. and even make school fees payment through the portal. Ongoing KMTC students can use this guideline to log in to your portal and register their course, registration, fee balances, exam results, and other student status information.

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